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Vaginal Tsunami


Increase Your Vaginal Wetness!

Women go thru many changes…some are related to hormones, and others are influenced by lifestyle , and medications.  The inability to “get wet” can be caused by several reasons.  Sexual Dysfunction in women is more common than you think.  Many everyday OTC (over the counter) medications can contribute to the inability for a woman to naturally lubricate.  Allergy medications (antihistamines), depression medications, non steroid anti inflammatory (NSAIDs) such as naproxen which is found in many OTC MEDS like Aleve , and is commonly prescribed for pain.  These all can contribute to this problem.  Unfortunately some are too embarrassed to address this topic with their provider, so they continue to suffer in silence.  Ladies you need to speak up!  Same as with your partner, if you don’t tell your provider what’s going on with your body, how can anything be done to rectify the situation???  Antihistamines naturally block secretions from being produced, whether nasally or vaginally, the body doesn’t discriminate as to which secretion is being blocked.

If you’re on an antihistamine medication, you might want to try taking it 3-4 hours prior to intercourse, ensure that you are adequately hydrated too.

Antidepressant medications can be a bit more tricky, your provider will have to consider potential interactions with other medications you might be on if your regime were to be changed, and also if it would be in your best interest “mentally” to switch.  Again every one is an individual when it comes to how their body will react to a new or change in medication.  Your provider might deem it necessary for you to remain on your current med regime and would consider trying a new med if alternative methods fail.   In this case you might want to opt to incorporate a lubricant into your sexual life.  Lubricants are not made solely for women who suffer with Sexual Dysfunction.  Women in general should use lubricants on a whole “The Wetter The Better”.

Lubricants or as we refer to them in the shorter term “lubes” make both inner and outer sensations feel 100% better.  Water based lubes are ideal for most sexual activities.  They’re safely used both anally and on the genitals.  Silicone based  lubes are not water-soluble (don’t dissolve in water) so they are great for sexual activities in wet places such as the jacuzzi, shower or bath.  Don’t confine yourself to one type of lube, you will need various lubes for different occasions, and if you’re using a sex toy, make sure the type of lube used is compatible with the material of your toy.  I will address all types and the differences in another blog.  You can check out the best quality lubes at affordable prices on http://juiceyboxxx.com