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National Porn Day


Masturbate and Be Great!

May is National Masturbation Month and a great time to recognize the beautiful orgasmic person that you can be.  Take time to make pleasure for yourself.  It’s 2017 and the use of vibrators, and strokers can only make this solo performance that much more pleasurable.   Keep updated with pleasurable adult toys and products that will take you on that journey.  Visit my YouTube channel and check out some of my favorite items from Juicey BoxXx.  But before you do please take our survey below.




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Vaginal Tsunami

World AIDS Day 2016…Do You Like It Raw???

35 years later and people still having sex randomly raw. Sexual behavior, sexual fluidity, homosexuality and promiscuity is at an all time high, sexual behaviors have changed from where we only indulge in soul baring behavior with that one special person to having mind-blowing sex with every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane.  Let’s not be surprised that NY has the highest rates of persons with HIV according to the CDC.  But I guess with Magic  Johnson being the “Poster Boy” of “how you will live with the disease if you were to contract it”  no one really cares about their sexual behaviors, and raw dawgging before getting tested with your partner.  Would a “scared straight” approach to society seeing the effects this disease has on the body be more effective in people being more responsible?

From the infusion of antiretroviral drug dapivirine  into contraceptive devices such as the Nuva Ring, PReP (Pre exposure Prophylaxis) a daily pill that people can take to decrease their chance of contracting the disease, progress has been made in the battle against AIDS has this given people a more lackadaisical attitude to this deadly disease?  Prevention is always better than cure, so despite the many ways there are to combat this disease being cautious and protecting yourself by having “safe protected sex” is always best!

Great steps have been made in antiretroviral treatments for the fight against AIDS/HIV, but a prolonged life doesn’t necessarily mean a quality life.  A person who is fortunate enough to find a regime that works for them and is compliant can have the same life expectancy as someone without the virus.  There are different strands of AIDS/HIV, some are more deadly than others.  Let’s not forget that AIDs can be a very debilitating disease with an entourage of complications.  I’ve seen the course of this disease and what it does, not only does it affect the individual, but the family as well.  Family might not be there all the time so support groups such as Project Samaritan are essential to helping those affected along their journey.  Love yourself by protecting yourself a moment of pleasure is not worth fighting a disease for life.  Be safe and be blessed.


“These global efforts bring hope on this World AIDS Day that an end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is achievable. We applaud the trial participants, researchers, health care professionals, advocates and others who are working to make this future a reality.”  NIH Statement On World Aids Day 2016


Love to Lust…from We to Me

Whether you want to admit it or not, social media has made it easier to cheat on your partner.  Back in the day you needed to actually see someone and get their number, to engage with them.  Now you can easily slide into anyone’s DM on any given network at anytime.  Then comes the meet up, your place, my place, or the telley (hotel), but what usually takes place is the non physical approach, the swappage of intimate pics (sexting).

You’ve seen this person time to time online, and have your own image of them built in your head based off looks, but we have to dig deeper than the flesh to realize true beauty.  I’m not referring to females only, but males also.  Now-a-days I think men are quicker to take/send pics than females.  For some basic thinking male species they think the lure of the dick print or actual image of a well endowed one is all they need to GTD (get the draws) #RIP Tommy, and in some cases it does work, because what men fail to realize is that women can smash and dash too and not be hypnotized by their pendulum.



So now you have cheated and your partner finds out, what’s next, do you forgive or not???


Well reasons and rationale for forgiveness were pretty much the same for both male and female surveyors.  Contrary to popular belief 80% of the males would forgive their partner, and 85% of females would forgive their mate.  Key factors to that decision were the type of cheating involved, physical, emotional or sexting.   It was hard for the males to come to term with the fact that females can hit and quit too.  Males mostly thought that the reason a female cheated were for emotional purposes solely.  Times have changed, and so have the behaviors of both sexes.  I had to let the men know that women don’t only cheat emotionally, but we can have a strictly physical relationship and not get emotionally attached.


Pride and ego the biggest destroyers of relationships.  Are you humble enough to admit your wrongs and verbalize how you truly feel to save your relationship?  Can things ever be the same?… both male and female agreed that there  would always be a lingering thought of their partners infidelity, trust would be hard to earn again.  With that said do you let go or move on.  Whatever your choice is, make sure it is one that you’re happy and satisfied with.  The best solution to cheating is to never have to do it to begin with.  If you feel the need to stray, have an open relationship or just leave.







Pisces…Which Sign Do You Love To Intertwine With???

Can you help who you are attracted to???  Does your former experience play a role in the next sexual encounter you occur???  Take our poll below and let us know!


The Love Seat…The Best Place To Sit Is On His Meat….

Ok so you’ve had sex several times with him, and you’re still finding it difficult to climax… you’re not on any medications, you have no problem lubricating, then what could it be.  How about trying a new sex position.  The position of entry and continued stimulation can dramatically improve your chance of having a great orgasm.  Not all penises are shaped the same, the curvature, or lack thereof definitely makes a difference in how he stimulates you.  The “Love Seat” position works best for men whose penis curve downwards.  It’s a great transitional position, if you want to be more in control, or if you wake him up in the middle of the night, give him a break take full control, and let him enjoy every moment of your wett exstacy.

The Love Seat

  • Fellas lay on his back on a chair, or on the bed, propping him up with a pillow, slightly spreading his legs
  • Ladies have a seat on his fully erect penis, placing your feet in between his legs on the floor or bed, change it up, add your signature mark.

The way it is bent allows him to directly stimulate the G-Spot.  Remember the more stimulation the better.  Fellas, you can massage her lower back, legs, stimulate her clitoris, or massage her breasts squeeze her nipples while in this position; and ladies don’t leave all the work to him, while he is playing with your breast, you can play with your clitoris using your finger, or even better a bullet vibrator, at the same time you can place the bullet on his scrotum.  Get creative, no inhibitions when it comes to pleasure.  Having a thrilling orgasm let her know you’re loving her vaginal pulsations and wetness, get all the senses involved.  You can journey into some of your favorite positions from this without him even removing his penis.  Whine, grind, gyrate, twerk appreciate the penis being inside of you.