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Masturbate and Be Great!

May is National Masturbation Month and a great time to recognize the beautiful orgasmic person that you can be.  Take time to make pleasure for yourself.  It’s 2017 and the use of vibrators, and strokers can only make this solo performance that much more pleasurable.   Keep updated with pleasurable adult toys and products that will take you on that journey.  Visit my YouTube channel and check out some of my favorite items from Juicey BoxXx.  But before you do please take our survey below.




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Stroke It For Me

So it’s National Masturbation Month fellas are you in touch with yourself???  Masturbation is the 1st step to sexual self discovery that we learn early as a child exploring our bodies.  The question then becomes why does that exploration stop, or why do some feel embarrassed to touch themselves???  We need to become in tune with our bodies and what it is telling us.  As we age things change and move, and so does the way we like to be pleased.  You should be able to identify both the external and internal changes that occur with your body.   Exploration should continue into adulthood. Learning what pleases you and how to communicate that to your partner is recognizing our sexual needs and wants.
When you masturbate, pay attention to your sensitive spots, where you would like your partner to concentrate on, how fast or slow your preference of stroking is, and how you ejaculate.  Break away from the shyness of exploring your body.  There is no shame in using a stroker.  If you do decide to purchase a stroker, or ” pocket pussy” as they are most commonly referred to make sure it is silicone or cyberskin, those are the best ones.  Life has enough obstacles to overcome in general, why make sex one.  Check out my video below and make sure to subscribe to my channel for future updates.