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RIP Big Ang…

“Don’t smoke it’s not worth it, life is too precious.”

Mob Wives star Angela Raiola aka Big Ang has lost her battle with cancer at the age of 55.  Ang recently interviewed with Dr. Oz discussing her ongoing battle with cancer from throat cancer to thinking she was cancer free to lung and brain cancer Stage IV.  Through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.  Ang spoke on how the cancer metastasized throughout her body, hence it spreading to her lungs and brain.  Once someone is in Stage IV, death is inevitable, there isn’t much hope of survival.  I believe Ang and those close to her knew this.  She was very open about her battle with depression but what gave her hope was her family.  I am a Mob Wives fan and my sympathy goes out to her family.  Ang still had her charm and sense of humor in these trying times.

I’m not gonna sit and act like I haven’t ever smoked.  I tried cigarrettes once, and it tasted so nasty and gross I didn’t even finish smoking that one cig.  Now hookah I have done several times, and once I discovered that it is more deadly than cigarette smoking I haven’t touched it since, and don’t plan to.  Hookah smokers absorb higher concentrations of the same toxins that are found in cigarettes and are considered more deadly because the coal allows more carbon monoxide and other carcinogens to enter the system.

Cancer is one of the many battles that smokers face.  There are other pulmonary diseases like COPD that is also a death sentence.  The need to live with an oxygen tank can be very debilitating and I can not see myself lugging around dependent on a tank for survival.  I love to travel, run, and I am very active socially, so this is not conducive to my well being.

Death is inevitable so why participate in activities that will take you away sooner from the ones you love the most.  The need to fit in “look cool” when ultimately the only thing that matters is health and family.

Click To Watch Big Ang’s Interview With Dr. Oz

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Ang and her family