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Masturbate and Be Great!

May is National Masturbation Month and a great time to recognize the beautiful orgasmic person that you can be.  Take time to make pleasure for yourself.  It’s 2017 and the use of vibrators, and strokers can only make this solo performance that much more pleasurable.   Keep updated with pleasurable adult toys and products that will take you on that journey.  Visit my YouTube channel and check out some of my favorite items from Juicey BoxXx.  But before you do please take our survey below.




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Vaginal Tsunami

World AIDS Day 2016…Do You Like It Raw???

35 years later and people still having sex randomly raw. Sexual behavior, sexual fluidity, homosexuality and promiscuity is at an all time high, sexual behaviors have changed from where we only indulge in soul baring behavior with that one special person to having mind-blowing sex with every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane.  Let’s not be surprised that NY has the highest rates of persons with HIV according to the CDC.  But I guess with Magic  Johnson being the “Poster Boy” of “how you will live with the disease if you were to contract it”  no one really cares about their sexual behaviors, and raw dawgging before getting tested with your partner.  Would a “scared straight” approach to society seeing the effects this disease has on the body be more effective in people being more responsible?

From the infusion of antiretroviral drug dapivirine  into contraceptive devices such as the Nuva Ring, PReP (Pre exposure Prophylaxis) a daily pill that people can take to decrease their chance of contracting the disease, progress has been made in the battle against AIDS has this given people a more lackadaisical attitude to this deadly disease?  Prevention is always better than cure, so despite the many ways there are to combat this disease being cautious and protecting yourself by having “safe protected sex” is always best!

Great steps have been made in antiretroviral treatments for the fight against AIDS/HIV, but a prolonged life doesn’t necessarily mean a quality life.  A person who is fortunate enough to find a regime that works for them and is compliant can have the same life expectancy as someone without the virus.  There are different strands of AIDS/HIV, some are more deadly than others.  Let’s not forget that AIDs can be a very debilitating disease with an entourage of complications.  I’ve seen the course of this disease and what it does, not only does it affect the individual, but the family as well.  Family might not be there all the time so support groups such as Project Samaritan are essential to helping those affected along their journey.  Love yourself by protecting yourself a moment of pleasure is not worth fighting a disease for life.  Be safe and be blessed.


“These global efforts bring hope on this World AIDS Day that an end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is achievable. We applaud the trial participants, researchers, health care professionals, advocates and others who are working to make this future a reality.”  NIH Statement On World Aids Day 2016


The Healthy Penis Plan…

If you want the average basic man to pay attention to his health, what better way to do that than to tell him his balls will fall off or even mention ways he can increase the size of his manhood.  I mean let’s be realistic here for a moment, I’ve had this blog for a few years now, and I’ve noticed the difference when I 1st say it’s a health blog and then give my card the response is “oh ok, i’ll check it out”and they will put in their pocket, but then when I proceed to say “there are excercises and ways to make your penis bigger, or ways to keep your penis healthy” they take my card out wit this glow on their faces, give it a double take and perk up” (pun intended) now wanting to engage in conversation.  Now that I have your attention…. Your lifestyle will be reflective of the risks associated with your health.

The top 5 causes of death for men are…

  • Heart Disease: All those wings, fried food, will not only clog your arteries in your heart, but your vessels in your penis and you won’t be able to perform
  • Cancer:  The thought of getting a prostate exam freaks out many males still, smoking is a leisurely activity that is still on the rise, now all the chemo and radiation treatment you’re receiving tires you out and you can’t perform sexually anymore
  • Injuries:  If the police don’t kill you, then car accident from a drunken night probably will.
  • Stroke:  The consumption of high sodium foods have given rise to a generation plagued by hypertension, left untreated will cause the blood vessels in your brain to burst, or that fat from the high cholesterol foods consumed will break off and lodge in your head also causing a stroke
  • AIDS/HIV: Promiscuity has increased due to social networking, the surge in IG, twitter models and strip clubs, and backpage have made it possible for the basic male to live out their fantasy with little care for free or for a fee.

There is a silent crisis in America facing our men particularly Black males.  The average American man lives sicker and die an average of 5 years younger than American women.  As you know June is Men’s Health Month, this month we encourage men to get out and see their doctor, and know what is going on with their body.

Awareness, prevention, education and family are key.  Being in the health field, I know for a fact that most men only come to the MD office when their at home remedies no longer work, or until they can no longer tolerate the symptoms they are having.  Dear Black men, stop tuffing out situations, aches and pains are a sign of something brewing.  It is not a sign of weakness to take care of your body, and being ignorant to what your body is saying will do more harm than good.  At the end of the day you are ultimately responsible for your health so be proactive and take interest in your #1 priority which is you!

Burn More Fat With This All Natural Fat Burner

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones and those who mattered the most ..now to continue to get your sexy back ..I started this all natural fat burner about a month ago it’s recommended to use before each meal, however I only used it for lunch and dinner. I’m very good overall with my eating habits, this time around instead of totally cutting out carbs I’ve opted to eat organic pasta..brown rice and whole grain breads. Key is portion control. I wanted a natural fat burner to aide in fat consumption, vs buying a fat burner pill from #GNC which I’ve tried before and wasn’t happy with the side effects (made my heart race extremely). I have noticed a difference especially in my #obliques so this cocktail is a definite thumbs up. Instead of using grapefruit juice in a bottle I squeezed 1/2 cup of grapefruit then added 1/2 cup of water. It boils down to preference, but choose which ever is best for you. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

All Natural Fat Burner Drink
All Natural Fat Burner Drink

The purpose of National Men’s Health Week  is to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and to promote early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.  This is a chance for healthcaLike Father Like Sonre workers, media, and individuals to encourage them to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury.  Teaching the younger ones is key to carrying the responsibility of following up with their own medical needs as they head into adulthood.  Fathers that are active in their younger ones lives should set an example especially if there are hereditary diseases that run in your family such as HTN (hypertension/high blood pressure), CAD (Coronary Artery Disease/High Cholesterol), Diabetes, Cancer to name a few.  Knowledge Is Power, so let’s become more informed about our health needs and requirements.  This week, I will be addressing a variety of issues that men in general may face as they mature.  If there is a topic that you’d like for me to address, or a question you may have contact me via email PrettYyMissRN@gmail.com

Prevention Starts With You!!!

hpv vaccine

Prevention is better than cure! A phrase my mother always told me coming up as a child when it came to everyday decision making.  Who would know these few words can have such significant meaning throughout my adult life, and incorporating it into my patient education.

As we’re approaching the end of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, I encourage the parents of today to vaccinate their young ladies with the HPV vaccine.  Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine  can be used to vaccinate both male and females.  The vaccines  consist of 3 doses.  The 1st dose is usually given at age 11, 2nd dose  4 weeks from the 1st, and the 3rd dose is given 6months from the initial dose.  There are over 30 strains of the HPV virus.  This vaccine helps to eliminate  some risk in cervical cancer HPV 16 and 18 account for approximately 68% of squamous cell cancers.  Why should males receive this vaccine too you ask…don’t forget that all genital warts (condyloma) are caused by HPV, and approximately 90% are associated with HPV types 6 and 11.      The vaccine isn’t recommended for adults mainly because exposure to one or more of these strains has occurred already.  Overall in the United States, an estimated 6.2 million new HPV infections occur every year among persons aged 14–44 years. Of these, 74% occur among those aged 15-24 years.  Modeling estimates suggest that >80% of sexually active women will have acquired genital HPV by age 50 years.  Everyone situation is different.  If you’re an adult and have had 1 partner, chances are you can receive the vaccine.  Again consult with your provider for your specific needs.

Some might argue that it’s too young to speak to your child on these issues, i beg to differ.  They are exposed to sex everyday in music, on TV’s and when they go to school.  The majority of NYC public high schools have what’s called the “CATCH” program and many uninvolved parents aren’t aware that their daughters are being given birth control pills, IUD’s, and being referred for abortions if needed all during “class time”.  Unless your child will be sworn to a life of celibacy, be proactive and help to eliminate some risk when it comes our future.  The journey to having great sexual health starts with education, especially education of our youth so that they can make better decisions as they journey into adulthood.