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Dr Michael Salzhauer better know to his followers as Dr Miami is finally hitting our TV screens this Friday on We TV @ 10PM EST.  If you want it he can get it done natural and proportional.  He is definitely the King when it comes to sculpting his “beauty warriors” as he commonly refers to all the ladies on their quest to a “perfect” voluptuous body.

If you are unfamiliar with this cosmetic surgeon, he is one of the best to do it.  I first came across Dr Miami’s work on Instagram and was amazed at the wonderful work that he does.  Of course with great success comes the hate along with it.  Whether it was a peer who isn’t as animated and lovable, a man whose woman left him after Dr Miami gave her a banging body, or some disgruntled person who can not afford his services soon his posts were being flagged threatening his account deactivation.  Being the delightful Dr that he is he made a second private page screening his followers as to prevent further flagging of his work then along came Snap Chat.  The Dr and his staff were soon snapping their way thru the day without the worry of an account deactivation being able to fully show what his artistic work is about. Not only does he take you on his surgical journeys, but is quite the entertainer as well. He gets into his zone by bumping the latest hip hop tracks while in the OR and even inviting in some of the artists along with pioneers in the cosmetic industry into his kingdom.  Some may criticize the way he does his job, but as long as he does it right and maintains his surgical environment I say Snap away.


Having Unprotected Sex Without Telling Partner of HIV-Positive Status Would No Longer Be a Felony

Attitudes are shifting when it comes to responsibility and accountability.  Democratic law makers are now gunning for a law that will make exposing a person/persons to HIV/AIDS a misdemeanor rather than being a felony. This law would also affect those who receive blood from blood banks, and sperm donors alike.  Sen Scott Wiener (D) San Francisco argument is that…

“When you criminalize HIV or stigmatize people who have HIV, it encourages people not to get tested, to stay in the shadows, not to be open about their status, not to seek treatment”.

It seems like this senator has alterior motives concerning HIV/AIDS.   Charlie Sheen famous actor who recently disclosed his status on being HIV+ recently did an interview saying there are many others in Hollywood that are living with the virus, but he “will not let their secret out.”  Is this someway linked to this recent revalation?  Is this law an attempt to assist Hollywood celebs from future claims?  I’m sorry but I stand with the Republican party who are in opposition to this bill.

Being a direct health care worker and seeing partners not disclose their status to ones they claim they love is vendictive.  It is no way okay or acceptable for someone to intentionally infect another person with HIV/AIDS and not be accountable for their actions, and a misdemeanor is not cutting it for me.  Yes anyone engaging in sexual acts have a responsibiliyt to themselves and should take all measures to ensure that they are safe but what about a married couple?  If your husband or wife intentionally infects you with a death sentence a slap on the wrist is not ok.  Carrying a gun is legal but when ou use the gun to take someones life no difference with HIV/Aids, having it is not a crime, the crime is when you INTENTIONALLY infect another.  PLease comment your thoughts.

Senator Scott Weiner explains why he wants this bill to take effect

Full story by LA Times


World AIDS Day 2016…Do You Like It Raw???

35 years later and people still having sex randomly raw. Sexual behavior, sexual fluidity, homosexuality and promiscuity is at an all time high, sexual behaviors have changed from where we only indulge in soul baring behavior with that one special person to having mind-blowing sex with every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane.  Let’s not be surprised that NY has the highest rates of persons with HIV according to the CDC.  But I guess with Magic  Johnson being the “Poster Boy” of “how you will live with the disease if you were to contract it”  no one really cares about their sexual behaviors, and raw dawgging before getting tested with your partner.  Would a “scared straight” approach to society seeing the effects this disease has on the body be more effective in people being more responsible?

From the infusion of antiretroviral drug dapivirine  into contraceptive devices such as the Nuva Ring, PReP (Pre exposure Prophylaxis) a daily pill that people can take to decrease their chance of contracting the disease, progress has been made in the battle against AIDS has this given people a more lackadaisical attitude to this deadly disease?  Prevention is always better than cure, so despite the many ways there are to combat this disease being cautious and protecting yourself by having “safe protected sex” is always best!

Great steps have been made in antiretroviral treatments for the fight against AIDS/HIV, but a prolonged life doesn’t necessarily mean a quality life.  A person who is fortunate enough to find a regime that works for them and is compliant can have the same life expectancy as someone without the virus.  There are different strands of AIDS/HIV, some are more deadly than others.  Let’s not forget that AIDs can be a very debilitating disease with an entourage of complications.  I’ve seen the course of this disease and what it does, not only does it affect the individual, but the family as well.  Family might not be there all the time so support groups such as Project Samaritan are essential to helping those affected along their journey.  Love yourself by protecting yourself a moment of pleasure is not worth fighting a disease for life.  Be safe and be blessed.


“These global efforts bring hope on this World AIDS Day that an end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is achievable. We applaud the trial participants, researchers, health care professionals, advocates and others who are working to make this future a reality.”  NIH Statement On World Aids Day 2016


Love to Lust…from We to Me

Whether you want to admit it or not, social media has made it easier to cheat on your partner.  Back in the day you needed to actually see someone and get their number, to engage with them.  Now you can easily slide into anyone’s DM on any given network at anytime.  Then comes the meet up, your place, my place, or the telley (hotel), but what usually takes place is the non physical approach, the swappage of intimate pics (sexting).

You’ve seen this person time to time online, and have your own image of them built in your head based off looks, but we have to dig deeper than the flesh to realize true beauty.  I’m not referring to females only, but males also.  Now-a-days I think men are quicker to take/send pics than females.  For some basic thinking male species they think the lure of the dick print or actual image of a well endowed one is all they need to GTD (get the draws) #RIP Tommy, and in some cases it does work, because what men fail to realize is that women can smash and dash too and not be hypnotized by their pendulum.



So now you have cheated and your partner finds out, what’s next, do you forgive or not???


Well reasons and rationale for forgiveness were pretty much the same for both male and female surveyors.  Contrary to popular belief 80% of the males would forgive their partner, and 85% of females would forgive their mate.  Key factors to that decision were the type of cheating involved, physical, emotional or sexting.   It was hard for the males to come to term with the fact that females can hit and quit too.  Males mostly thought that the reason a female cheated were for emotional purposes solely.  Times have changed, and so have the behaviors of both sexes.  I had to let the men know that women don’t only cheat emotionally, but we can have a strictly physical relationship and not get emotionally attached.


Pride and ego the biggest destroyers of relationships.  Are you humble enough to admit your wrongs and verbalize how you truly feel to save your relationship?  Can things ever be the same?… both male and female agreed that there  would always be a lingering thought of their partners infidelity, trust would be hard to earn again.  With that said do you let go or move on.  Whatever your choice is, make sure it is one that you’re happy and satisfied with.  The best solution to cheating is to never have to do it to begin with.  If you feel the need to stray, have an open relationship or just leave.







My Breast Curve Is My Best Curve Are You Aware???

If you haven’t noticed from all the pink items in promotion from some of your favorite brands, It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Yes there is some shade in that statement, ok there’s a lot of shade.  It’s all about the Benjamin’s for most business’, one can’t help but notice that the focus has shifted from the patients that are at risk, affected or survivors of this terrible disease to one of a monetary/marketing gain.  Yes they prey and take advantage of people’s genuine concern but hey what’s new?.  The real harm is in the misinformation.  Once it hits October everyone is “aware”, but little attention is drawn to the actual epidemic, the emotional impact this disease has on those affected, and ways we as a society can directly start a change.

The only two places women have no issue with fat are their ass and their breasts.  Women love our curves.  Curves help women to feel empowered and better about themselves that’s why millions are spent on breast lifts, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lifts and implants.  As an older woman it is hard to go thru and deal with this body altering process, now imagine a young lady in her 20’s or 30’s who is diagnosed.  With the pressure that society has put on women in general to be “body perfect” social media has intensified more.

We see memes circulating mocking women who are less endowed on top referring them to and below.  We do see memes of males, but men do not walk around with their penis’ out, or their silhouette  constantly on display to the public unless they wear sweats 24/7, it is easy for a man to hide what he is or isn’t “packing”.  Some are unaffected by this and can laugh it off, but others aren’t mentally as strong.  Deny it if you want, but society has become very shallow and superficial in general and the psychological effects can be great causing one to spiral into a depression.  Not only are you battling a potentially terminal illness, but you also have your regular day-to-day responsibilities and that which comes with life to deal with.

Over my career the increase in young women that have been diagnosed and died from this disease that I have come in contact with has dramatically increased, again I’m talking from my own personal experiences.  Cosmetics is a major part of any young ladies regime, yet many of the products that are produced by these monopoly corporations contain toxic chemicals that have been proven to put us women at risk.  So how do we protest and protect ourselves you ask, simple stop using items that contain these same chemicals bringing us women harm.  Once they start to see the shift in their pockets, that will gain their attention and cause change.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so be aware and start paying attention to what you put in and on your body.






Can You Hang???

Nothing is worse than the feeling of not being satisfied by your partner.  When asked how long should a man last in bed for it to be satisfying,  both men and women were fairly on the same page with the exception of a few.  I asked both males and female since women are usually complaining about their lover not lasting in bed or satisfying them long enough to see if the answers I received would be reflective of the complaints.

5% women  reported over 30 mins or all night

20, 25, & 30 mins were the most popular answers for my female audience 80%

15% women only needed 10mins or less


Now my male response was very interesting….

75% men responded with 45 mins or all night

10% was fine with 20-30 mins

15% 15 mins or less was cool.


🤔 hmmm … the responses I received from males weren’t reflective of the stereotype that women are the ones who wants longer pussy pounding time.  So I took into account that everyone especially the males know I am seeing their response so they probably decided to add some extra time on their belt knowing a lady was taking their answers.  Next time I will use my online anonymous poll to revisit this question and give an update.


Another interesting point is that the males who responded they needed 15mins or less equated that time with the pussy being “good” and anything longer meant that it’s “trash”😂😭😭.  Which I disagree with because maybe she wants an extended sex session.  So again we can not go around assuming that what we are delivering is satisfying unless we COMMUNICATE.


This article is not intended for the quickie moments, Sidechick, or jump off because that’s when you get a stalker with a fantasy relationship so please know that jump offs are not deserving of the A1 pipe or A1 Coochie.




Why She May Not Want To Taste Your Love…

Ok so if you’re following me on SnapChat you know I do surveys with my audience.  Most men are quick to complain about how a woman smells or taste, but do they even evaluate themselves.  Well I asked my followers if they enjoyed tasting their man’s cum.  Surprisingly the majority that responded did not.  So here is where it gets interesting, most said that they wouldn’t mind felatio and swallowing if their man “tasted better” and a bad experience with one can turn them off entirely from ever sucking dick again.  A few reported that their lover tasted bitter, the majority said that it was too salty, and very few actually enjoyed their partners taste commenting that it had a slight sweet taste to it.


So I decided to question my audience further regarding their partners eating habits and lifestyle, wether they were active or not.  Some were able to shed light on what their partners diet consisted of.  I found that those who were coffee drinkers and heavy meat eaters reported bitter tasting cum, and those who did not watch what they eat or lead a healthy lifestyle reported the salty tasting cum, interestingly the ones who said their parters tasted sweat lead active lifestyles and were health conscious regarding the foods they consumed and exercisedfrequently.  So I gave the ladies who reported their men as having salty tasting semen additional homework, to find out wether or not their partner have high blood pressure.  So stay tuned, I will be doing a vlog on my youtube channel to follow up this article.  Feel free to comment or email and questions you might have.



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