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The Love Seat…The Best Place To Sit Is On His Meat….

Ok so you’ve had sex several times with him, and you’re still finding it difficult to climax… you’re not on any medications, you have no problem lubricating, then what could it be.  How about trying a new sex position.  The position of entry and continued stimulation can dramatically improve your chance of having a great orgasm.  Not all penises are shaped the same, the curvature, or lack thereof definitely makes a difference in how he stimulates you.  The “Love Seat” position works best for men whose penis curve downwards.  It’s a great transitional position, if you want to be more in control, or if you wake him up in the middle of the night, give him a break take full control, and let him enjoy every moment of your wett exstacy.

The Love Seat

  • Fellas lay on his back on a chair, or on the bed, propping him up with a pillow, slightly spreading his legs
  • Ladies have a seat on his fully erect penis, placing your feet in between his legs on the floor or bed, change it up, add your signature mark.

The way it is bent allows him to directly stimulate the G-Spot.  Remember the more stimulation the better.  Fellas, you can massage her lower back, legs, stimulate her clitoris, or massage her breasts squeeze her nipples while in this position; and ladies don’t leave all the work to him, while he is playing with your breast, you can play with your clitoris using your finger, or even better a bullet vibrator, at the same time you can place the bullet on his scrotum.  Get creative, no inhibitions when it comes to pleasure.  Having a thrilling orgasm let her know you’re loving her vaginal pulsations and wetness, get all the senses involved.  You can journey into some of your favorite positions from this without him even removing his penis.  Whine, grind, gyrate, twerk appreciate the penis being inside of you.