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Irritable Male Syndrome in Hip Hop … Ferrari Tru3 leaks Rob Kardashians Number

What in the penis is going on here??? Irritable Male Syndrome at its finest.  Blac Chyna’s million dollar vagina has these penis’ Rob Kardashian and Ferrari Tru3 ejaculating estrogen at a higher than normal rate. I’m just curious to know if it was that time of the month for these two???

Yes Irritable Male Syndrome commonly referred to as IMS is the male version of PMS.  Men also experience hormonal changes every month, but that does not excuse the shenanigans of Rob and Tru3.

Vlogger Jacob Kohinoor has not been one to keep quiet about Ferrari and his alleged in the closet activities.  Jacob published footage of Tru3 engaged in convo with his homie who Jacob is insinuating is Ferrari’s lover, which if you listen carefully to the entire audio (not just the parts Jacob stresses) you will see the convo does not reveal no such thing.  But back to this new footage Ferrari decides to respond, but is only addressing the question of wether or not there was a million dollar offer… like…share…subscribe and comment your thoughts!!  #NurseYazzy #JBoxXx




Snap Chat Your Way To Sexiness…

Dr Michael Salzhauer better know to his followers as Dr Miami is finally hitting our TV screens this Friday on We TV @ 10PM EST.  If you want it he can get it done natural and proportional.  He is definitely the King when it comes to sculpting his “beauty warriors” as he commonly refers to all the ladies on their quest to a “perfect” voluptuous body.

If you are unfamiliar with this cosmetic surgeon, he is one of the best to do it.  I first came across Dr Miami’s work on Instagram and was amazed at the wonderful work that he does.  Of course with great success comes the hate along with it.  Whether it was a peer who isn’t as animated and lovable, a man whose woman left him after Dr Miami gave her a banging body, or some disgruntled person who can not afford his services soon his posts were being flagged threatening his account deactivation.  Being the delightful Dr that he is he made a second private page screening his followers as to prevent further flagging of his work then along came Snap Chat.  The Dr and his staff were soon snapping their way thru the day without the worry of an account deactivation being able to fully show what his artistic work is about. Not only does he take you on his surgical journeys, but is quite the entertainer as well. He gets into his zone by bumping the latest hip hop tracks while in the OR and even inviting in some of the artists along with pioneers in the cosmetic industry into his kingdom.  Some may criticize the way he does his job, but as long as he does it right and maintains his surgical environment I say Snap away.

Rip Daisy Lewellyn, Dies at 36

Bravo TV announced the passing of one of their star of Blood, Sweat, and Heels style expert Daisy Lewellyn today.  The style expert announced her battle with being newly diagnosed during season 2 of the series and took fans along her journey.  One thing I can say is that her spirit and optimism was beautiful and encouraging, the way in which she handled this was the best I’ve seen from anyone.  Part of me feels that she did that for her viewers which just goes to show how much of a selfless person she was.  Condolences to her family and friends.  Rest in peace baby girl. xoxo


Daisy passed on in peace and filled with joy, surrounded by her family and friends,” a Bravo spokesperson said in a statement. “We are all saddened to lose this wonderful woman. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are expressed.”

The always-optimistic style expert was battling a rare form of the disease, which was diagnosed after her makeup artists noticed an unusual coloring in her eyes. She was later diagnosed as having a cancerous tumor in her bile duct. She received treatment, including having the tumor removed as well as getting chemotherapy and radiation treatments. “I have cancer – cancer doesn’t have me. Every day comes with its challenges, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating what I have in my life,”

RIP Big Ang…

“Don’t smoke it’s not worth it, life is too precious.”

Mob Wives star Angela Raiola aka Big Ang has lost her battle with cancer at the age of 55.  Ang recently interviewed with Dr. Oz discussing her ongoing battle with cancer from throat cancer to thinking she was cancer free to lung and brain cancer Stage IV.  Through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.  Ang spoke on how the cancer metastasized throughout her body, hence it spreading to her lungs and brain.  Once someone is in Stage IV, death is inevitable, there isn’t much hope of survival.  I believe Ang and those close to her knew this.  She was very open about her battle with depression but what gave her hope was her family.  I am a Mob Wives fan and my sympathy goes out to her family.  Ang still had her charm and sense of humor in these trying times.

I’m not gonna sit and act like I haven’t ever smoked.  I tried cigarrettes once, and it tasted so nasty and gross I didn’t even finish smoking that one cig.  Now hookah I have done several times, and once I discovered that it is more deadly than cigarette smoking I haven’t touched it since, and don’t plan to.  Hookah smokers absorb higher concentrations of the same toxins that are found in cigarettes and are considered more deadly because the coal allows more carbon monoxide and other carcinogens to enter the system.

Cancer is one of the many battles that smokers face.  There are other pulmonary diseases like COPD that is also a death sentence.  The need to live with an oxygen tank can be very debilitating and I can not see myself lugging around dependent on a tank for survival.  I love to travel, run, and I am very active socially, so this is not conducive to my well being.

Death is inevitable so why participate in activities that will take you away sooner from the ones you love the most.  The need to fit in “look cool” when ultimately the only thing that matters is health and family.

Click To Watch Big Ang’s Interview With Dr. Oz

ang (1)
Ang and her family


Vagina Politics…What’s Your Status ???

I am loving the responsibility that was shown tonight on Blood Sweat and Heels.  What better platform to showcase Vagina Politics.  If you have been watching the show, this season the ladies are dealing with real life issues that everyone can identify and relate to.  For those who don’t know, Mica has experienced alot of loss in her life.  Last season it was her father, this season it’s her grandmother.  They have all affected her, but Mica opens up about how the loss of her sister to AIDS has affected her relationships and trust.  Mica now has a new lover, and they are now looking to take their relationship to the next level by becoming intimate.  She openly lets him know her concerns with intimacy, and that they both must do an HIV test.  Not that she plans on having unprotected sex with him immediately, but that condoms do break, and eventually she would like to have a child.  The two take on OTC (over the counter) test which takes 20mins, and read their results which show that neither have the virus.  It’s nice to see some responsibility on these “reality shows” vs only seeing pointless male female, and catty drama. Kudos the cast of Blood, Sweat and Heels.  All the best to each of you especially Daisy!