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Irritable Male Syndrome in Hip Hop … Ferrari Tru3 leaks Rob Kardashians Number

What in the penis is going on here??? Irritable Male Syndrome at its finest.  Blac Chyna’s million dollar vagina has these penis’ Rob Kardashian and Ferrari Tru3 ejaculating estrogen at a higher than normal rate. I’m just curious to know if it was that time of the month for these two???

Yes Irritable Male Syndrome commonly referred to as IMS is the male version of PMS.  Men also experience hormonal changes every month, but that does not excuse the shenanigans of Rob and Tru3.

Vlogger Jacob Kohinoor has not been one to keep quiet about Ferrari and his alleged in the closet activities.  Jacob published footage of Tru3 engaged in convo with his homie who Jacob is insinuating is Ferrari’s lover, which if you listen carefully to the entire audio (not just the parts Jacob stresses) you will see the convo does not reveal no such thing.  But back to this new footage Ferrari decides to respond, but is only addressing the question of wether or not there was a million dollar offer… like…share…subscribe and comment your thoughts!!  #NurseYazzy #JBoxXx




Why She May Not Want To Taste Your Love…

Ok so if you’re following me on SnapChat you know I do surveys with my audience.  Most men are quick to complain about how a woman smells or taste, but do they even evaluate themselves.  Well I asked my followers if they enjoyed tasting their man’s cum.  Surprisingly the majority that responded did not.  So here is where it gets interesting, most said that they wouldn’t mind felatio and swallowing if their man “tasted better” and a bad experience with one can turn them off entirely from ever sucking dick again.  A few reported that their lover tasted bitter, the majority said that it was too salty, and very few actually enjoyed their partners taste commenting that it had a slight sweet taste to it.


So I decided to question my audience further regarding their partners eating habits and lifestyle, wether they were active or not.  Some were able to shed light on what their partners diet consisted of.  I found that those who were coffee drinkers and heavy meat eaters reported bitter tasting cum, and those who did not watch what they eat or lead a healthy lifestyle reported the salty tasting cum, interestingly the ones who said their parters tasted sweat lead active lifestyles and were health conscious regarding the foods they consumed and exercisedfrequently.  So I gave the ladies who reported their men as having salty tasting semen additional homework, to find out wether or not their partner have high blood pressure.  So stay tuned, I will be doing a vlog on my youtube channel to follow up this article.  Feel free to comment or email and questions you might have.



The Healthy Penis Plan…

If you want the average basic man to pay attention to his health, what better way to do that than to tell him his balls will fall off or even mention ways he can increase the size of his manhood.  I mean let’s be realistic here for a moment, I’ve had this blog for a few years now, and I’ve noticed the difference when I 1st say it’s a health blog and then give my card the response is “oh ok, i’ll check it out”and they will put in their pocket, but then when I proceed to say “there are excercises and ways to make your penis bigger, or ways to keep your penis healthy” they take my card out wit this glow on their faces, give it a double take and perk up” (pun intended) now wanting to engage in conversation.  Now that I have your attention…. Your lifestyle will be reflective of the risks associated with your health.

The top 5 causes of death for men are…

  • Heart Disease: All those wings, fried food, will not only clog your arteries in your heart, but your vessels in your penis and you won’t be able to perform
  • Cancer:  The thought of getting a prostate exam freaks out many males still, smoking is a leisurely activity that is still on the rise, now all the chemo and radiation treatment you’re receiving tires you out and you can’t perform sexually anymore
  • Injuries:  If the police don’t kill you, then car accident from a drunken night probably will.
  • Stroke:  The consumption of high sodium foods have given rise to a generation plagued by hypertension, left untreated will cause the blood vessels in your brain to burst, or that fat from the high cholesterol foods consumed will break off and lodge in your head also causing a stroke
  • AIDS/HIV: Promiscuity has increased due to social networking, the surge in IG, twitter models and strip clubs, and backpage have made it possible for the basic male to live out their fantasy with little care for free or for a fee.

There is a silent crisis in America facing our men particularly Black males.  The average American man lives sicker and die an average of 5 years younger than American women.  As you know June is Men’s Health Month, this month we encourage men to get out and see their doctor, and know what is going on with their body.

Awareness, prevention, education and family are key.  Being in the health field, I know for a fact that most men only come to the MD office when their at home remedies no longer work, or until they can no longer tolerate the symptoms they are having.  Dear Black men, stop tuffing out situations, aches and pains are a sign of something brewing.  It is not a sign of weakness to take care of your body, and being ignorant to what your body is saying will do more harm than good.  At the end of the day you are ultimately responsible for your health so be proactive and take interest in your #1 priority which is you!

Stroke It For Me

So it’s National Masturbation Month fellas are you in touch with yourself???  Masturbation is the 1st step to sexual self discovery that we learn early as a child exploring our bodies.  The question then becomes why does that exploration stop, or why do some feel embarrassed to touch themselves???  We need to become in tune with our bodies and what it is telling us.  As we age things change and move, and so does the way we like to be pleased.  You should be able to identify both the external and internal changes that occur with your body.   Exploration should continue into adulthood. Learning what pleases you and how to communicate that to your partner is recognizing our sexual needs and wants.
When you masturbate, pay attention to your sensitive spots, where you would like your partner to concentrate on, how fast or slow your preference of stroking is, and how you ejaculate.  Break away from the shyness of exploring your body.  There is no shame in using a stroker.  If you do decide to purchase a stroker, or ” pocket pussy” as they are most commonly referred to make sure it is silicone or cyberskin, those are the best ones.  Life has enough obstacles to overcome in general, why make sex one.  Check out my video below and make sure to subscribe to my channel for future updates.



So I Discovered a Man with TWO PENIS’ !!!

Yes you read that right TWO PENIS’. It’s Penis Appreciation Month and what better topic of discussion than Diphalia, the medical terminology given to males who are born with 2 penis’, or sometimes referred to as Penis Duplication (PD).  So naturally being a woman the first thing that popped up into my head was the fun I would have with a partner who had this condition.  One penis is vaginal bliss, but 2 oh my I think I would be in heaven.  I mean like can you imagine the threesomes.  Ok, so let’s understand what fully goes on here…there is also a downside to being doubly endowed.  Males who are born with this condition suffer from urinary tract infections, renal problems, spina bifida, prostate problems, and have fertility issues. Diphalia manifests itself in 3 different ways,

  • Two identical penis’ sided by side
  • Less commonly seen is the smaller penis on top of the larger one
  • Second penis being internal (found during medical visit for urinary problems)

So now that we have addresses the medical part, let me introduce you to The Doubled Dick Dude, or DDD as he likes to be referred to.  DDD is a bisexual male who has diphalia and is very open with his condition.  Both of his penis’ are uncircumcised and fully functioning measuring in @ 8″.  DDD is fully open with his condition, and had cured alot of peoples curiosity on Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything).  He shares his pictures freely with the public to quench the curiosity of those wanting to know what having 2 penis’ look like.  He admits that he must ejaculate frequently, or the build up of seminal fluid can be painful and affect his prostate, and the use of a cock ring helps to get both penis’ fully erect.  DDD has been offered the opportunity to do porn many times, but has turned it down stating…

“I can’t figure a value for my dignity.  The only reason I let photos out is because I thought people might like to know, at least one guy with two normal dicks exist.” 


DDD has since written a book “My Life WIth Two Penises” .  Is in a current relationship and is doing well.

Make Him Jelly In Your Hands!!! Hit His G-Spot…

The same way you give me pleasure, is the same way you should be pleasured.  In the “bedroom” there should be no inhibitions when it cums to pleasing your lover/sexual partner.  A males jewels are not the only parts on a mans body that is engorged with thousands of nerve endings, but we need to start giving his G-spot some attention.  Yes you read correctly, his g-spot!!!  The male G-spot, or Prostate Gland is located half way up his anus.  It is part of the perinium so it will affect orgasmic feelings.  Naturally things are meant to come out and not enter that orrifice, so you don’t want to traumatize his anus.  #1 get you some lubricant.  There are a variety that are available on the market right now, there are warming, cooling, & flavored lubes to name a few.  #2 place the tip of your finger in his rectum, and slowly enter until you feel a small walnut sized shape tissue, this is his prostate, it’s important for him to be relaxed as well, #3 Stimulate the prostate with a come-hither motion.  The best way to make your partner open to the experience is to engage while performing felatio on him, and please do not neglect the balls, or to be politically correct, the gonads indulge in the experience.  I think every one should invest in some sex toys, especially a stroker when it comes to performing felatio.  I will discuss that in next Monday’s blog.  Once he’s comfortable with stimualtion of his g-spot, you should invest in a vibrating butt plug.  This frees up your hand so that you can give him pleasure in other places, not neglecting any aspect of his body.  Toys are a great way to bring the fun and spice back into your life.  So don’t forget, Women are’nt the only ones with a G-spot.  The same way you like to orgasm, is the same way your lover/sexual partner should be enjoying the orgasmic experience.

Fellaz Gear up for pleasure…Great Sex Workout 101!

If anything should motivate you guys to the gym quicker should be the knowledge that while toning during your exercise routine, you are also building stamina and strength for your partner.  

Core exercises … planks, burpees, mountain climbing are great in strengthening the abdominal wall and back allowing for a stronger thrust action in the sack.  Great for missionary, doggy style, and the right angle.

Upper body workouts such as dips, pull ups, and push ups to name a few build upper body strength in chest, shoulders, upper back.  This allows you to last longer when in missionary position, and makes it easier for you to support your partners body weight in different standing positions while having sex, such as the wheelbarrow, shoulder stand, the tree, and venus’ necklace.

Aerobic exercises are important for your stamina.  Big muscles are fine, but you need to maintain your stamina and rhythm.  Huffing and puffing after 5 mins isn’t cute fellas. Get your cardio in!!!  Endurance workouts will help to keep those weak muscles from giving out on you.

Flexibility is a must.  Doing regular stretches will lengthen your muscles which will minimize your incidence of cramps, and allow you to try more challenging sex positions hence the bridge.  

If these aren’t reasons for you to workout, I don’t know what is.  Same as with any other aspect of your life, you have to invest in to attain the best results!