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To Play or Not To Play

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Hunter vs Prey…Take A Man On A Date

“Take A Man On A Date Month”.  Fortunately this year we’ve had very seasonably high weather so take a man on a date month was delayed until October, and it’s the first of the month!

It’s a natural that the men to a certain degree compete for attention from the women while the women are the ones to be choosy.  And if you are a choosy chick then this month is for you.  Make your choice and have fun!  Yes it may turn out ok, but consider all of the ways this can turn out.

Men generally have a lower bar for accepting dates or sex. Think about what this means for a second.  A woman can ask a man out and he accepts, is he accepting because he’s hungry,  or no one else has asked him out and wants to kill some time with you???  If he was genuinely interested in you then he would have asked you out *shrugs shoulders*.  A woman has a lot to lose and little to gain by asking a man out. A woman is better off subtly communicating her interest in the man (through friends, flirtation, etc) and then leaving it to the man to make a move.

I have no problems with asking or taking a man out on a date, However, I believe a man should initiate the 1st date if he is truly interested in a female.  No I do not care that it is 2017 and women are proposing, to me that just screams desperation.  Regardless of what, show me some interest and I’ll give you my time.  Please take the poll below, one is for my ladies, and the other is for the fellas.  Comment, Like, Share




Irritable Male Syndrome in Hip Hop … Ferrari Tru3 leaks Rob Kardashians Number

What in the penis is going on here??? Irritable Male Syndrome at its finest.  Blac Chyna’s million dollar vagina has these penis’ Rob Kardashian and Ferrari Tru3 ejaculating estrogen at a higher than normal rate. I’m just curious to know if it was that time of the month for these two???

Yes Irritable Male Syndrome commonly referred to as IMS is the male version of PMS.  Men also experience hormonal changes every month, but that does not excuse the shenanigans of Rob and Tru3.

Vlogger Jacob Kohinoor has not been one to keep quiet about Ferrari and his alleged in the closet activities.  Jacob published footage of Tru3 engaged in convo with his homie who Jacob is insinuating is Ferrari’s lover, which if you listen carefully to the entire audio (not just the parts Jacob stresses) you will see the convo does not reveal no such thing.  But back to this new footage Ferrari decides to respond, but is only addressing the question of wether or not there was a million dollar offer… like…share…subscribe and comment your thoughts!!  #NurseYazzy #JBoxXx



National Porn Day

Masturbate and Be Great!

May is National Masturbation Month and a great time to recognize the beautiful orgasmic person that you can be.  Take time to make pleasure for yourself.  It’s 2017 and the use of vibrators, and strokers can only make this solo performance that much more pleasurable.   Keep updated with pleasurable adult toys and products that will take you on that journey.  Visit my YouTube channel and check out some of my favorite items from Juicey BoxXx.  But before you do please take our survey below.




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Vaginal Tsunami

Touch Me and I’ll Touch You Back…Mutual Masturbation

Whether it’s a hand job, foot job or titty fuck, mutual masturbation can be very pleasurable for you and your partner.  If you decide to do a foot job, PLEASSSSSE make sure your feet are well groomed, free of callous and most importantly smell good.  When doing a foot job, simply place your partners penis between the soles of your feet which are facing each other and massaging the penis in an up and down rolling motion.  I do recommend using a cooling or warming lubricant for a better feel and ease in maneuvering the penis.


Next we have titty fucking or boob job.  Women who have bigger breast and men who have a longer penis would enjoy this kind of mutual masturbation.  This masturbation the man is stimulating his penis by carrying out frictions between a woman’s breasts.  Again the use of lube is always a plus.  An added benefit to this type of mastubation is the ability of the lady to also give a topper (blow job) at the same time.




Masturbation is not limited to solely hand jobs, but each other’s genitals can be stimulated with another body part or with toys.  Yes fellas no longer are we in the archaic age of hand masturbation solely. With so many wonderful adult toys for you and your partner to experience mutual masturbation will take foreplay to heightened levels of sexual satisfaction.  Strokers, cock rings and vibrating sheaths for him and a variety of vibrators or dildos for her to take on this sexual journey.


The most thrilling satisfying sex involves all senses.  The most common mutual masturbation is that which is done manually/digitally.  Get involved in your foreplay and explore her most erogenous zones such as breast nipples and genitals, this will make her vagina start to crave your penis.  The inflow of blood to her genitals, saturating her vaginal mucosa with lubrication (making her extremely wet)  preparing for you to beat the pussy up.  A woman, in turn, is stimulating the man’s penis, increasing his level of excitation, strengthening the erection and starting the process of preparing his penis to explore your frontier getting ready for ejaculation wether it be into her mouth, ass or vagina he will be very pleased with the end result.

The harder the better the wetter you’ll get her so treasure your pleasure. There is nothing more satisfying than you and your partner cumming at the same time, so give your partner a heads up and let them know orgasm is near then BAM enjoy your explosive orgasm.