Can You Hang???

Nothing is worse than the feeling of not being satisfied by your partner.  When asked how long should a man last in bed for it to be satisfying,  both men and women were fairly on the same page with the exception of a few.  I asked both males and female since women are usually complaining about their lover not lasting in bed or satisfying them long enough to see if the answers I received would be reflective of the complaints.

5% women  reported over 30 mins or all night

20, 25, & 30 mins were the most popular answers for my female audience 80%

15% women only needed 10mins or less


Now my male response was very interesting….

75% men responded with 45 mins or all night

10% was fine with 20-30 mins

15% 15 mins or less was cool.


🤔 hmmm … the responses I received from males weren’t reflective of the stereotype that women are the ones who wants longer pussy pounding time.  So I took into account that everyone especially the males know I am seeing their response so they probably decided to add some extra time on their belt knowing a lady was taking their answers.  Next time I will use my online anonymous poll to revisit this question and give an update.


Another interesting point is that the males who responded they needed 15mins or less equated that time with the pussy being “good” and anything longer meant that it’s “trash”😂😭😭.  Which I disagree with because maybe she wants an extended sex session.  So again we can not go around assuming that what we are delivering is satisfying unless we COMMUNICATE.


This article is not intended for the quickie moments, Sidechick, or jump off because that’s when you get a stalker with a fantasy relationship so please know that jump offs are not deserving of the A1 pipe or A1 Coochie.