Valentines Yay or Valentines Nay???

The choice is yours, but I choose love! Love and sex nature’s tincture for a healthy mind, body.  What woman/man doesn’t want to be wined dined and 69’d especially on Valentines Day.  Yes you ought to show your lover affection and attention every other day of the year, but using that “line” as a way to get out of participating in Valentine festivities is totally lame.  If that’s the case don’t celebrate Mothers Day, New Years, and every other holiday.

I like to think of Valentines as a rebirth for lovers.  There are many ways to have a great time without having to break bank.  There are some vendors who offer decor  services for your habitat such as C & J Events along with a gift basket from Juicey BoxXx and some edible alcohol treats from vendors like Juicey DeLytes can start your night right!    On that note have an enjoyable evening with your loved one.


Desire a lover who understands well that intimacy, sensuality and passion are intricately connected to love making, and that sex is an expression of spiritual, and emotional communion and love as well as Lust and Desire….


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