When The Penis Makes A Quick Entrance and Leaves You In A Trance …. #PenisOnTheGo

The mental ambiance of the gasp when the penis makes its entrance…. #Priceless.  Wether you’re a busy person or not, one activity that we should often engage in is Quickie Sessions.

If you live with your partner a quick fix in the morning is a great way to start your day #BeMyCoffeeBaby!  Or maybe midday let him pound your cares away.  What better way to relieve office tension on your lunch break by letting the penis marinate in that vaginal orifice for momental bliss,  Even on a date, a quickie can be the appetizer before you serve her the entre.  Which  ever your preference, nothing beats the thrill of the moment.  Yearning for your partner, anytime any place Janet couldn’t sing it any better (check out video below) the rush of endorphins enhances the orgasmic moment.

Problem is the majority of women have a difficult time climaxing because of several different factors.  Everyone is built different, and everyone has different stimulators, or erogenous zones.  So ask yourself … Am I stimulating my partner???  Yes arousal can start mentally, but once she sees you, you need to continue the arousal process, and vice versa.  Get out of the habit of thinking that her vagina will automatically lubricate with the presence of your penis occupying her vaginal canal.  Fellas you need to learn Quickie Etiquette.

Quickie Etiquette:  The act of engaging in behaviors during a quickie session that are mutually sexually satisfying and beneficial for both partners.

Very seldom do women climax from penile penetration alone.  If it’s gonna be a quick fix, choose a position that is mutually beneficial to you and your partner.  The same way you want to be relieved she does too.  If she doesn’t reassure your partner that “you got them” later and act on it.  If every time you catch yourself being relieved and she is not.  Chances are she will get her quick fix elsewhere.  No one wants to engage with someone who is sexually selfish.  Don’t leave home without your Quickie Etiquacy.


2 Vaginas Are Better Than One…. here’s why

So naturally being the inquisitive person that I am, after meeting THE DDD (Double Dick Dude) the next thing that crossed my mind was are there any women, or a woman in existence with 2 vaginas.  Oh the fun I would have, first thing that came to mind was revolutionizing the threesome.  Yes you can loose your virginity twice…and no it doesn’t have to be with the same person!  But before I indulge in some fantaserial imagery let’s see what this abnormality is about.  Surprisingly I did find a few women with this condition.  It turns out that women with 2 vaginas are much more common than a man with 2 penis’.  Most popular person with this condition is Cassandra Bankson and Hazel Jones who have uterus didelphys.  This condition manifests itself in different ways.  A woman can have:

  • 1 vaginal opening with 2 different uteri (uterus duplex bicollis)
  • 2 vaginal openings with 1 uterus
  • 2 vaginal openings with 2 seperate uteri (uterus didelphys)

As always I like to address the con’s before the pro’s.  Issues related to this condition commonly are with fertility and fetal development.  Now as with any normal female reproductive system, if a woman has 2 uteri then naturally will have 2 periods which these women report an increase in pain.  The bad thing is if they occur different times, most of the month will be spent bleeding.  The good thing is if you have 2 different vaginal openings, then simply place a tampon in one, and continue on with your sexual activities.  Of course if a woman has 2 uteri it’s possible to become pregnant in both, and there are several cases of this, some conceived at the same time, and some conceived different times.  You need to be in tune with your body so as to not make it “controlling” of your life.

Oh what fun and pleasure it would be to have your partner fluctuating between each orifice, or even having sex and using a sex toy at the same damn time all that’s registering in my vaginal receptors is bliss, pure vaginal bliss.  Not to mention if you and your partner engage in threesomes, I see having a second vagina a gift from the GODS.