So I Discovered a Man with TWO PENIS’ !!!

Yes you read that right TWO PENIS’. It’s Penis Appreciation Month and what better topic of discussion than Diphalia, the medical terminology given to males who are born with 2 penis’, or sometimes referred to as Penis Duplication (PD).  So naturally being a woman the first thing that popped up into my head was the fun I would have with a partner who had this condition.  One penis is vaginal bliss, but 2 oh my I think I would be in heaven.  I mean like can you imagine the threesomes.  Ok, so let’s understand what fully goes on here…there is also a downside to being doubly endowed.  Males who are born with this condition suffer from urinary tract infections, renal problems, spina bifida, prostate problems, and have fertility issues. Diphalia manifests itself in 3 different ways,

  • Two identical penis’ sided by side
  • Less commonly seen is the smaller penis on top of the larger one
  • Second penis being internal (found during medical visit for urinary problems)

So now that we have addresses the medical part, let me introduce you to The Doubled Dick Dude, or DDD as he likes to be referred to.  DDD is a bisexual male who has diphalia and is very open with his condition.  Both of his penis’ are uncircumcised and fully functioning measuring in @ 8″.  DDD is fully open with his condition, and had cured alot of peoples curiosity on Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything).  He shares his pictures freely with the public to quench the curiosity of those wanting to know what having 2 penis’ look like.  He admits that he must ejaculate frequently, or the build up of seminal fluid can be painful and affect his prostate, and the use of a cock ring helps to get both penis’ fully erect.  DDD has been offered the opportunity to do porn many times, but has turned it down stating…

“I can’t figure a value for my dignity.  The only reason I let photos out is because I thought people might like to know, at least one guy with two normal dicks exist.” 


DDD has since written a book “My Life WIth Two Penises” .  Is in a current relationship and is doing well.


Vagina Politics…What’s Your Status ???

I am loving the responsibility that was shown tonight on Blood Sweat and Heels.  What better platform to showcase Vagina Politics.  If you have been watching the show, this season the ladies are dealing with real life issues that everyone can identify and relate to.  For those who don’t know, Mica has experienced alot of loss in her life.  Last season it was her father, this season it’s her grandmother.  They have all affected her, but Mica opens up about how the loss of her sister to AIDS has affected her relationships and trust.  Mica now has a new lover, and they are now looking to take their relationship to the next level by becoming intimate.  She openly lets him know her concerns with intimacy, and that they both must do an HIV test.  Not that she plans on having unprotected sex with him immediately, but that condoms do break, and eventually she would like to have a child.  The two take on OTC (over the counter) test which takes 20mins, and read their results which show that neither have the virus.  It’s nice to see some responsibility on these “reality shows” vs only seeing pointless male female, and catty drama. Kudos the cast of Blood, Sweat and Heels.  All the best to each of you especially Daisy!

Make Him Jelly In Your Hands!!! Hit His G-Spot…

The same way you give me pleasure, is the same way you should be pleasured.  In the “bedroom” there should be no inhibitions when it cums to pleasing your lover/sexual partner.  A males jewels are not the only parts on a mans body that is engorged with thousands of nerve endings, but we need to start giving his G-spot some attention.  Yes you read correctly, his g-spot!!!  The male G-spot, or Prostate Gland is located half way up his anus.  It is part of the perinium so it will affect orgasmic feelings.  Naturally things are meant to come out and not enter that orrifice, so you don’t want to traumatize his anus.  #1 get you some lubricant.  There are a variety that are available on the market right now, there are warming, cooling, & flavored lubes to name a few.  #2 place the tip of your finger in his rectum, and slowly enter until you feel a small walnut sized shape tissue, this is his prostate, it’s important for him to be relaxed as well, #3 Stimulate the prostate with a come-hither motion.  The best way to make your partner open to the experience is to engage while performing felatio on him, and please do not neglect the balls, or to be politically correct, the gonads indulge in the experience.  I think every one should invest in some sex toys, especially a stroker when it comes to performing felatio.  I will discuss that in next Monday’s blog.  Once he’s comfortable with stimualtion of his g-spot, you should invest in a vibrating butt plug.  This frees up your hand so that you can give him pleasure in other places, not neglecting any aspect of his body.  Toys are a great way to bring the fun and spice back into your life.  So don’t forget, Women are’nt the only ones with a G-spot.  The same way you like to orgasm, is the same way your lover/sexual partner should be enjoying the orgasmic experience.