Fellaz Gear up for pleasure…Great Sex Workout 101!

If anything should motivate you guys to the gym quicker should be the knowledge that while toning during your exercise routine, you are also building stamina and strength for your partner.  

Core exercises … planks, burpees, mountain climbing are great in strengthening the abdominal wall and back allowing for a stronger thrust action in the sack.  Great for missionary, doggy style, and the right angle.

Upper body workouts such as dips, pull ups, and push ups to name a few build upper body strength in chest, shoulders, upper back.  This allows you to last longer when in missionary position, and makes it easier for you to support your partners body weight in different standing positions while having sex, such as the wheelbarrow, shoulder stand, the tree, and venus’ necklace.

Aerobic exercises are important for your stamina.  Big muscles are fine, but you need to maintain your stamina and rhythm.  Huffing and puffing after 5 mins isn’t cute fellas. Get your cardio in!!!  Endurance workouts will help to keep those weak muscles from giving out on you.

Flexibility is a must.  Doing regular stretches will lengthen your muscles which will minimize your incidence of cramps, and allow you to try more challenging sex positions hence the bridge.  

If these aren’t reasons for you to workout, I don’t know what is.  Same as with any other aspect of your life, you have to invest in to attain the best results! 


Exercises to Combat Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise Induced Asthma usually occurs within 20mins after the beginning of exercise.  As with any other asthma attack the bronchial tubes become inflamed with increased production of sticky secretions inside of these tubes.  Some are able to alleviate these symptoms with the use of a bronchodialotor 10-15mins prior to exercise.  As we know I’m an advocate of natural ways to get your disease under control.  

A great way to get started on improving your lungs capabilities is thru regular breathing exercises with the use of an incentive spirometer.  Commonly used post surgery to prevent lung complications such as pneumonia, the incentive spirometer helps you to practice deep breathing which helps to open your airways and prevent the fluid and mucus from building up within your lungs.  You can ask your doctor to write a prescription for you, or you can purchase one for yourself for as low as $7.50.  

Another device that has proven to be useful is the Peak Flow Meter.  This portable device measures how well your lungs are working.  It can assist you in deciding when to act in keeping your asthma under control.  Again you can get a prescription from your provider, or can purchase on for under $20.  

Another technique that has helped asthma sufferers is the Buteyko Breathing therapy in which one takes slow shallow breaths during an asthma attack.  The key here is to help yourself to not become dependent on medication.  There are many world class Olympic Athletes who suffer from asthma, but haven’t let this disease cripple them or their goal in achieving what they have; and neither should you use having asthma as an excuse not to exercise.  You have to be willing to invest the time and effort into yourself and your health to be able to prevent symptoms, thereby controlling your disease.  

Below is a list of foods that naturally help to prevent and help with asthma symptoms.  You can use different combinations from the list to make a juice that suits you.

Broccoli Sprouts
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet Potatoes
Mustard Greens


Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies


Have Better Orgasms!!! with #Sexercise…Male Kegel Exercise are very beneficial!!!

Kegel exercises are known by many to help women tighten their vagina’s especially after giving birth.  However these exercises can be done by men as well.  The exercise primary goal is to strengthen the PC muscles.  This exercise is the only penile exercise that actually works the muscles in the pelvic area.  There are many benefits from this exercise or sexercise as it’s commonly referred to because of the many sexual benefits such as aiding in sexual dysfunction, and enlarging the penis.  With so many perks, men should be Kegeling everyday.


Benefits To Kegeling

  • More erect erection
  • Increased blood flow allows harder erections that last longer
  • Control your ability to orgasm/multi-orgasm
  • PC muscles help and support bladder, exercise helps with urinary incontinence
  • Allows for a healthier prostate, helps with prostate pain and swelling associated with BPH


Steps For Male Kegel Exercise

Locate your PC muscles by stopping or slowing urination while urinating. If you can do this, you’ve successfully located the muscle. Do not tense the buttocks, legs or abdomen, concentrate on lifting those muscles upward. Now you’re ready to Kegel.

Contract the PC muscles and hold for as long as you can. Initially some may only hold for a few seconds, but as you do more of this exercise, your hold time will increase which is a sign that the muscles are becoming stronger. Repeat this contract and release method a minimum of 10 times increasing hold time as you progress with this exercise from seconds to minutes. You should see improvement within 4-6 weeks of regular exercise.
An indicator that you are doing the exercise correctly, you will be able to see and feel the testicles lift.


How Often Should I Kegel?
As with all exercises, start with 25 per day, and gradually progress to 50 daily. Beginning hold time 5-10 seconds, and gradually increase holding for minutes, or as long as you can. Do not overtrain the muscles this can be counter productive. As the muscles need time to heal as with any other exercise.

You will definitely see a change in sexual performance.  Kegeling can make you have multiple orgasms.  Yes that’s right!!!  Once you feel the need to ejaculate and the semen starts moving, Kegel for 10 seconds.  Once the feeling has gone, you can continue to have a pleasurable experience with your partner.  This is an art that you would have to practice mastering, and i’m sure practicing will be very pleasurable.  You can practice with your partner, or you can practice by yourself using a stroker with lubricant.  Juicey BoxXx has a variety of strokers and lubes that you can choose from.  If it’s taking you a while to master the technique, and you still want to pleasure your partner for a longer period of time.  They also carry a delay cream that will allow you to perform longer.  You can check out their products below.

Both men and women should kegel everyday.  It is simple, and can be performed anywhere, anytime, and any place.  Ladies can do the same exercise, or can use Kegel/Ben Wa Balls to increase strength.  However if you would like immediate tightening of your vaginal walls, you can try Juicey BoxXx Vaginal Tightnen Cream.  Take your orgasm and sexual experience to the next level.